Sabre GEN8

The Sabre Companies - Chlorine Dioxide Applications

The Sabre Companies specialize in chlorine dioxide applications that eliminate and control biological and chemical contamination. The Companies' significant history and numerous patents on chlorine dioxide generation and process technology provide the framework for unique solutions to many industries, including Oil & Gas, Environmental, and Water Treatment.

Sabre's oil and gas industry applications incorporate surface and subsurface biological control services for downhole and water treatment. Sabre's patented mobile chlorine dioxide generation technology has been used successfully in the oil industry for over a decade and has the proven ability to not only improve oil and gas field performance, but also enable safe disposal or reuse of frac and produced water. Sabre also provides decontamination services to facilities with indoor air quality issues, including mold, bacteria, viruses and chemical contaminants. Sabre has successfully treated hundreds of large structures for a variety of biological conditions, including an 8 million cubic foot pharmaceutical manufacturing facility, a 400,000 square foot hospital, as well as various shopping centers and office buildings. Most notably, Sabre successfully decontaminated all commercial, industrial and government buildings affected by anthrax in the 2001 attacks.

Sabre's technology and experts have provided unique and effective solutions to complex problems involving severe biological building contaminations, Emergency Response for biological and chemical incidents, Oil & Gas Well Stimulation and Water Treatment, and deliverable ClO2 solutions for Legionella and waterborne pathogen control. Sabre has broad experience accompanied by a specialized and focused understanding of chlorine dioxide and the scope of its applications.

Sabre's processes and methods may be covered by one or more of the following patents: US Patent Nos. 7,807,101; 6,645,457; 7,678,388; 6,343,653; and 5,861,096.