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bioWALL provides successful remediation and prevention solutions to address a full range of biological and chemical threats. We use a unique proprietary technology, including patented DiKlor® chlorine dioxide (ClO2) compositions, generation systems, and treatment processes.

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Sabre Energy Services

Sabre Energy’s mobile chlorine dioxide generation equipment is designed specifically for the oil and gas industry to treat producing, injection, and disposal wells, flowback and produced water, tanks, pipelines, or fluids "on-the-fly" during hydraulic fracturing or water flood operations.

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Chlorine Dioxide

Sabre's patented mobile chlorine dioxide generation technology has been used successfully for over a decade. Sabre provides oilfield and decontamination services to facilities with indoor air quality issues, including mold, bacteria, viruses and chemical contaminants.

Sabre has successfully treated hundreds of large structures for a variety of biological conditions, including an 8 million cubic foot pharmaceutical manufacturing facility, a 400,000 square foot hospital, as well as various shopping centers and office buildings. Most notably, Sabre successfully decontaminated all commercial, industrial and government buildings affected by anthrax in the 2001 attacks.

Chlorine Dioxide Generator

Comprehensive solutions for the oilfield,
and to address biological and chemical
threats worldwide

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