Sabre Energy Services, LLC (Sabre) has safely provided chlorine dioxide for water treatment in the oil and gas industry for over two decades. Sabre's DiKlor® service treats millions of barrels of fluid each month and dozens of wells in various plays across North America. Sabre has pioneered nearly every application of chlorine dioxide used in the oilfield. Sabre's mobile chlorine dioxide generation equipment is designed specifically for the oil and gas industry to treat producing, injection, and disposal wells, flowback and produced water, tanks, pipelines, or fluids "on-the-fly" during hydraulic fracturing or water flood operations.

The equipment utilizes Sabre's EPA registered product to generate highly-pure chlorine dioxide via Sabre's patent-protected process. Unlike competing services, Sabre's DiKlor® services, which include our unique ClO2 generation method, can treat the most demanding fluids at rates of hundreds of barrels per minute as well as perform large horizontal well treatments. No no other mobile chlorine dioxide generation method shares this patented and inherently safe process. Sabre's mobile generation design was specifically engineered and built for higher safety, purity and efficacy in the oilfield. As a result, Sabre has an exemplary safety record spanning its twenty-three year history. Additionally, Sabre employs the leading chlorine dioxide experts in the world, and is proud to reflect this in its products and services.

Sabre's treatment and service quality have not only been demonstrated over decades in the oilfield, but on other platforms as well. After the 2001 anthrax attacks, Sabre was commissioned by the US Government to decontaminate all of the affected buildings. Under intense public and government scrutiny, the safety and efficacy of Sabre's technology and the expertise of Sabre employees led to an official acknowledgement by the National Academy of Sciences that Sabre provides the best method for large-scale decontamination.

 Sabre Energy Services