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Mold Decontamination with Chlorine Dioxide

"Every day, literally tens of thousands of people live, work, and play in buildings and homes that have been treated by Sabre." - John Mason, Sabre CTO

New Orleans - Mold - Sabre

The Solution to Mold-Related Problems

Sabre's patented technology is scientifically proven to eliminate mold, mold spores, mildew, and the mycotoxins and allergens caused by mold contamination, as independently verified by the results of an extensive multi-year study by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). Sabre's gas-infusion treatment penetrates throughout the entire structure, permeating building materials, internal building cavities, HVAC ductwork and systems. It reaches pervasive and even the most persistent contamination, leaving the entire structure sterile and free of all mycotoxins and allergens and their causative agents. In fact, in several states with significant mold-related problems, Sabre has an approved registration by the EPA for the use of chlorine dioxide to treat entire buildings and their contents for mold and mildew. This is the first and only registration for the use of a biocide to control mold contamination in structures that does not require the removal of mold contaminated material.

Mold contamination is often most problematic on wood, concrete and other building materials that are considered porous. Further, there are often operational challenges and related costs associated with remediation in "hard-to-reach" places within structures. The Sabre process has been approved because it penetrates within the building materials, oxidizing and eliminating the allergens and mycotoxins of concern. In fact, chlorine dioxide in situ destruction of these contaminants is over 100 times more effective than physical removal, even when it includes HEPA filtration.

Treatment using Sabre's technology allows for complete penetration of all types of materials throughout a structure, from outside wall to outside wall, eliminating all contamination threats caused by mold.

Advantages of Sabre's Treatment

Sabre's gas infusion treatment process can be used as a standalone remediation procedure or if the project calls for both partial demolition and clean-up activities, ClO2 should be used as a pre-treatment to the demolition phase, to significantly accelerate the remediation process.

New Orleans - Mold - Sabre

Sabre is the only company in the world with the patented technology to decontaminate structures with chlorine dioxide gas and has a ten-year use history on hundreds of structures with a 100% success rate. Literally tens of thousands of people live, work, and play in buildings that have been treated by Sabre every day.

Historical Remediation Methods vs. Sabre's Gas Infusion Treatment Process

Mold - Sabre

Historically, the scope of remediation projects has called for extensive demolition, mold spore containment, post-remediation HEPA-vacuuming, and extensive post-remediation testing. In most cases, the solution to the problem was to try to "take it all out", containing the spores and removing as many of them as possible. However, recent testing conducted by U.S. national labs indicates that physical removal of contaminated materials, combined with HEPA vacuuming, bio-wiping or other alternative methods, only results in a less than 1-log reduction in spores (more than 1 out of 10 spores remain after completion of those procedures). Further, many of the mold problems relate to wood, concrete or other porous surfaces, and there is no chemical, other than Sabre's chemical process, that has been accepted and registered in any state for effective use on porous surfaces. In contrast, Sabre's gas infusion process completely eliminates the mycotoxins and allergic effects from the mold and results in more than a 99.9999% reduction in spores.

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